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Oregon Supplemental Security Income Lawyers in Salem

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are the primary means of support for millions of U.S. citizens who are disabled and have extremely limited income and resources of their own. Unfortunately, obtaining these benefits is a challenging, time-consuming process even for those who clearly cannot work full time and meet all other eligibility criteria.

SSI Claim Denial in Oregon? Seek Experienced Counsel Right Away.

Have you applied for SSI and been denied? Have you been supporting a disabled family member while attempting to help him or her get SSI benefits — only to receive a denial you do not understand? Fast action to start the appeal process is critical, and your decision to contact our experienced Salem Supplemental Security Income attorneys could make all the difference.

SSI differs from Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in very important ways. SSI is a needs-based system, and you need not have ever worked to receive benefits. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) carefully considers statements of available income and resources as well as medical information.

Knowledgeable Guidance on All Medical and Financial Considerations

Most SSI claim denials are based on either:

  • The lack of medical evidence required to meet specific, rigorous disability criteria — and/or failure to present this evidence with proper emphasis on the consequences of the condition
  • Issues with financial information provided to show need, which may indicate that the applicant has too much income from other sources to qualify

Led by dedicated 25-year lawyer Richard McGinty, a veteran of thousands of successful disability appeals, we work skillfully to overcome SSI application denials issued for these and other reasons. In addition to analyzing and strengthening evidence provided about your illness, physical injury or mental disorder, we can advise you on necessary steps such as establishing loan agreements for financial support received from relatives.

Statewide Service Throughout Oregon: Keizer Area SSI Benefits Attorneys Who Will Focus Intently on Your Case

Our Salem-based law firm focuses exclusively on helping Oregon clients, unlike national companies that may promise disability claim results without ever offering you the opportunity to speak directly to a lawyer.

Every client we meet receives personal attention and honest, practical legal guidance, beginning with a free, no-risk consultation. You will pay no attorney fees at all unless you obtain benefits, and our fees are limited by statute to a percentage of what you receive.

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