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Oregon Social Security Disability Insurance Lawyers in Salem

Recognition that you can no longer work full time due to disability creates extreme concern and many financial pressures. If you worked long enough and recently enough, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits may be your most valuable and reliable source of support.

Decades of Experience Helping People Get Benefits They Need and Deserve

Have you applied for SSDI benefits and received a letter of claim denial? You are far from alone. Nationwide, substantially more initial applications are denied than approved — and many of these are valid, winnable cases. Please contact our firm now to discuss your case with an accomplished Salem Social Security Disability Insurance attorney or team member. We have filed thousands of successful appeals for others and want to help you.

Prompt action after receiving an SSDI claim denial is extremely important. Failure to file for reconsideration within 60 days will typically mean you have to start this difficult, time-consuming process over again.

Adeptly Assessing Your Claim Denial and Taking Decisive Action for You

SSDI is an income-based and rights-based federal program distinct from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in many ways. Led by dedicated Oregon disability benefits lawyer Richard McGinty, we handle appeals of both types of claims for people with legitimate physical disorders and mental conditions, as well as claims for widows and children.

You may be eligible for SSDI benefits even if you have other assets and income sources such as a pension or other retirement benefits, IRA plans or 401(k) plans. You may also be eligible if you took early retirement and are disabled, which will mean more monthly income than you currently receive.

Skilled, Determined Representation Throughout Oregon: Salem-Keizer Area SSDI Benefits Attorneys You Can Trust

Although a range of factors may apply in your case, most SSDI claim denials are based on the reviewer's judgment that the medical evidence you provided does not meet very specific, rigorous criteria. Our lawyers and professional team know what they look for and how to prepare the strongest possible appeal.

Often this involves gathering additional medical evidence and focusing on the tangible consequences of your condition that prevent you from working, rather than your medical diagnosis alone. We have done exactly that for many thousands of people, and we want to help you — beginning with a free consultation focused squarely on your case and your needs.

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