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Salem Lawyers for Physical Disorder Sufferers in Oregon

The majority of people who are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits qualify based on the consequences of their physical injuries, illnesses and conditions. The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a lengthy list of qualifying impairments, but it is important to understand that your precise medical diagnosis is only part of the equation.

Decades of Experience Filing Successful SSDI and SSI Appeals

Ultimately, whatever your physical disorder, a successful disability benefits claim requires proof that the consequences of the condition prevent you from working full time. At McGinty & Belcher, Attorneys, we have helped thousands of people obtain benefits through the reconsideration and appeals processes — and this includes people with a vast range of physical disorders.

Focusing on the Work-Ending Consequences of Your Illness or Injury

We are adept at preparing and pursuing appeals that meet SSA criteria. Our knowledge and capabilities in this practice area cover the spectrum of physical illnesses and injuries as well as mental disorders. Whether you have a back injury or a heart condition, a head injury or cancer, our lawyers' and team members' work on your behalf after an initial Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim denial in Oregon may include:

  • Assistance assembling the medical evidence required to demonstrate that you are unable to sit, stand, walk, lift, carry items, concentrate or fulfill other job tasks on a full-time basis due to your disabling condition
  • Building the strongest possible appeal for you by including documentation that the side effects of medication required to treat your condition prevent you from working, for example — or properly presenting the impact of pain, fatigue and other hard-to-measure symptoms

Reach Statewide Oregon Disability Benefits Attorneys Near Keizer, Monmouth, Dallas and Silverton: 800-542-4320

Fast action is extremely important for people who have received application denials and must pursue their SSI or SSDI claims through the appeal process. We encourage you to contact our Salem physical disorders attorneys now for a free, no-risk consultation to discuss your specific case and the best way to proceed.

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