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Hard-to-Measure Symptoms? Salem, Oregon, Lawyers Pursuing Disability Benefits

Not everyone with a physical or mental disability that prevents full-time work can point to a single severe diagnosis as the reason. Severe pain or fatigue with a legitimate medical basis may be hard to measure. Many mental disorders cause inability to focus and concentrate or work with others, to cite just two more specific examples.

Was Your Disability Benefits Claim Denied?

If you are legitimately disabled but have hard-to-measure symptoms, Salem attorneys at our firm have the knowledge to build your appeal for success. Led in our Social Security Disability practice by 25-year lawyer Richard McGinty, we have done exactly that for hundreds of people. When you turn to our law firm, we will treat you with respect and do everything possible to win your valid SSDI or SSI claim on appeal.

Decades of Experience Preparing and Winning Challenging Disability Claims

We build appeals based on in-depth knowledge of qualifying impairments and the type of medical evidence required to win approval. Key considerations when pain, fatigue and hard-to-measure symptoms are involved include:

  • Objective medical test results — from X-rays, MRIs, lab tests and other procedures — are extremely valuable, but not the only way to satisfy SSA requirements and reviewers.
  • It may be essential to define and quantify the consequences of your illness that keep you from working, such as the fact that pain keeps you from walking more than a block or standing for more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • The side effects of medications are a decisive factor in many people's inability to work full time. If you cannot function without your prescription drugs, and those drugs cause work-ending side effects, you may be eligible for disability benefits.
  • Although you cannot declare yourself disabled, you can be persistent with your doctors. Continuing to seek treatment for pain, fatigue, inability to concentrate or any other debilitating condition may be required.

Pain and Fatigue Claims Attorneys Serving Keizer, Woodburn, Silverton, Dallas and Statewide Oregon Are One Call Away to 800-542-4320

We offer a free, informative consultation to discuss your condition and the best way to pursue your SSI or SSDI benefits appeal. You will pay no attorney fees at all if you do not ultimately obtain benefits, and the many clients we succeed for pay only a percentage of what they receive that is set by federal law.

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