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Oregon SSDI Appeals Lawyers in Salem

Have you applied for Social Security Disability benefits and received notice that your claim has been denied? Are you researching options for a loved one who has received a claim denial?

It is critical to realize how common this difficult setback is, and that it happens to millions who ultimately do receive benefits. Through prompt action — ideally within 60 days, and right away if possible — positive results are still within reach. Turn to our law firm for clear guidance focused on earning those results.

The Caring, Experienced Legal Counsel You Need Now Is One Call Away

Our Salem SSDI appeals attorney and team members help people all across Oregon navigate the complex, time-consuming processes necessary to get the benefits they deserve. Disability appeals are not a sideline at McGinty & Belcher, but the exclusive professional focus of accomplished 25-year attorney Richard F. McGinty.

Only an experienced professional can accurately assess your claim denial and identify the best strategic approach to your appeal. The steps we are equipped to take on your behalf include:

  • Helping you assemble the additional medical evidence needed to substantiate your disability in accordance with specific, rigorous Social Security Administration (SSA) criteria
  • Focusing our efforts on defining and proving the physical or mental limitations that keep you from working full time — as opposed to simply presenting a medical diagnosis
  • Providing experienced, insightful guidance on working with your doctor
  • Keeping you informed through every phase of the process, including comprehensive preparation for and representation at your hearing before a judge

We apply successful experience in thousands of cases to both Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) appeals. Our clients come to us from throughout the Willamette Valley and statewide across Oregon. We handle all types of valid appeals at all levels of complexity, including those based on mental disorders and hard-to-measure symptoms.

Reach Oregon Denied Claims Appeals Attorneys Near Keizer, Monmouth, Newport and Woodburn · Free, No-Risk Consultations

Whether you worked for decades and paid into the system, believe you qualify for widows benefits, or are trying to help someone with a disability and extremely limited resources, contact us today. Without making any upfront investment or taking any added financial risk, you will receive direct, personal attention from a lawyer who will put your interests first.

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Whether you worked for decades, or are trying to help someone with a disability, contact us today

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