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Oregon SSDI Lawyers in Salem

"Protecting you and the ones you love" is far more than a slogan for our Salem SSDI attorneys and the entire dedicated professional team at McGinty & Belcher. We know how important our efforts are for people who need skilled advocacy to obtain their rightful government benefits and secure their futures. We focus intently on these goals every day.

A Trusted, Accomplished Legal Resource for More Than Two Decades

Richard McGinty and Kathryn Belcher founded our law firm in 1989. In the decades since, we have dedicated our energies to helping people across the spectrum of life in Oregon assert their legal rights, fulfill their basic life needs and plan for the future. Richard leads our Social Security Disability benefits practice and Kathy provides comprehensive guidance and representation in estate planning, probate and elder law.

We emphasize caring, attentive personal service in all we do at McGinty & Belcher, Attorneys. A team of attorneys and accomplished professionals will take time to get to know you and collaborate as needed on your behalf. If you have been denied SSDI or SSI benefits or have complex estate planning or elder law questions, you will speak directly with a member of our professional team who will listen carefully to you and treat you with compassion.

Personal Attention, Clear Guidance and Assertive Advocacy

Once we hear your story and analyze your needs, we will know exactly what legal options are available. You will benefit from clear, straightforward counsel from day one through every phase of your case. Whenever you have questions or need an update, we will respond promptly and courteously, recognizing the pressures you face and all you have on the line.

We are an Oregon law firm dedicated to helping people in Oregon — not a national practice that runs mass-media advertisements all across the country. The results we have obtained for our valued clients include thousands of successful disability benefits appeals.

Accomplished Social Security Disability Attorneys for Keizer, Newport, Silverton, Corvallis and Statewide Oregon Claimants

Contacting us involves no financial risk or commitment whatsoever. Fast action may be very important in your quest to win disability benefits. To discuss your specific needs, request a consultation with us today.

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McGinty & Belcher, Attorneys
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